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Print is Prestige — But Does Online Outperform?

Print is Prestige — But Does Online Outperform? Sometimes volunteer writers think their article is considered less valuable if it’s published online instead of in the association’s print publication. But here are some solid reasons why online articles get more mileage. By Marsha Friedman There’s just something about holding the printed word in your hands that continues to resonate with people. It has […]

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7 Tips for Creating Successful Infographics

7 Tips for Creating Successful Infographics Would you like some tips for creating successful infographics to boost your marketing strategy? By Mitt Ray Infographics are all the rage now. According to Hubspot the number of searches for infographics on Google has increased over 800 percent. In fact, infographic production rate increases by 1 percent everyday. Organizations like to incorporate infographics into their content marketing […]

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Grammar Girl: The Face Behind the Avatar

Grammar Girl says correcting someone’s grammar is, well — rude. Mignon Fogarty, a.k.a. Grammar Girl, is a magazine writer, technical writer, and entrepreneur and has served as senior editor and producer at a number of health and science websites. Fogarty has a B.A. in English from the University of Washington in Seattle and an M.S. in biology from Stanford University. She […]

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Style is the New SEO

Style is the New SEO There’s been a fundamental shift in how Google determines content relevance. By Jeff Korhan On April 21, 2015, Google announced potentially sweeping changes that will affect your organization’s SEO. The most notable will be favorably ranking sites that are mobile-responsive. It’s a fact that more than 50 percent of all web searches are performed with a mobile device. Google […]

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Stop Putting it Off: Create a Style Guide

Stop Putting it Off: Create a Style Guide Here’s some quick and easy advice on how to start — or simply shape up — your organization’s editorial style guide. By Kim Howard, CAE I have worked for five associations, and each of them had their own style guide. Here’s what I have learned: Other than the publications and communications team, few people on […]

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People-Centered Content

People-Centered Content Associations do best in social media when they put people at the center of their strategies and stop focusing on just pushing out content. By Dori Meinert The June 15, 2015 Master Workshops, just prior to the Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting this year, offer the opportunity for some deep thinking on social media strategies and advancing our own careers. […]

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… And the Walls Came Tumblin’ Down

… And the Walls Came Tumblin’ Down Here are several great tips on how to tear down silos between organizational departments and the association’s communications vehicles. By Mark C. Wills By Mark C. Wills In the March 27, 2015 issue of Sidebar, Alex Schwartzwald of Knowledge Marketing asserted, “Silos are for farmers — not marketers.” But marketers are not the only association staffers for […]

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Build Outward-Facing Social Media Profiles

My informal survey of audiences at recent speaking engagements assures me that while bloggers are still in the minority, nearly every individual — and most organizations — have a presence on LinkedIn. Media is media, so this is a good place to initiate conversations with your members and extended audience. Your association’s LinkedIn profile may be professionally prepared and current — but […]

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Avoid These Common Publishing Contract Mistakes

Avoid These Common Publishing Contract Mistakes While you may not enjoy reading over your association’s publishing contracts, failure to know what to look for can leave your organization vulnerable on several fronts. By Jefferson C. Glassie and Stacey L. Pine Association publishing contracts frequently contain complex legal language, making review of them an intimidating process. Who hasn’t been tempted to give a publishing […]

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5 Best Practices for Association Mobile App Development

5 Best Practices for Association Mobile App Development What’s the stuff that the best association apps are made of? Two association media and publishing professionals (Bates Creative’s Debbie Bates-Schrott and Association for Retail Environment’s Katherine Josephs) weigh in with their best practices for mobile app development. By Apryl Motley, CAE Your association’s annual meeting, your monthly magazine, or your certification program…Sure, you could […]

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People are the New Social Channel

People are the New Social Channel Many associations see social media simply as a means to push content out to members. Instead, we need to put our members at the center and recognize that they are the ones facilitating the interaction and transferring content back and forth. By Karen Perry Associations were the original social networks, created to bring people of like interests and […]

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Pitfalls and Profits of Using Rented Lists: The Devil is in the Details

Pitfalls and Profits of Using Rented Lists: The Devil is in the Details By Michelle Ashley Is using a rented list all that bad? What’s all the hype? Those questions may have crossed your mind while searching for ways to expand your organization’s message to a greater audience. It’s an intriguing idea really, but honestly, it falls into the get-rich-quick schemes that […]

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