Join or Renew Your AM&P Membership

AM&P membership is by organization. You can join as a non-profit organization and give individuals access to membership benefits or as an industry service partner. Individual memberships are not available.

Non-Profit Organizations

The Non-Profit Organization Membership belongs to a non-profit organization. Designated individuals within that organization receive the benefits (organizations can update designated members as often as they want).

1-3 individuals: $495 annually
4-9 individuals: $895 annually
10+ individuals: $1,295 annually

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Designated members in a non-profit organization membership can include professionals who work with print publications, websites, mobile and digital media, blogs, and marketing and communications within your organization.

Things to know about non-profit organization membership:

  • Membership belongs to the organization and not the individual, so therefore doesn’t transfer when an individual leaves.
  • Only individuals designated in the membership will receive benefits.
  • One person for each organization member is designated as the voting member.

Industry Service Partner Member

The Industry Service Partner Membership is available to companies that have an interest in association publishing and represent businesses that provide products and services to non-profit organizations. Industry Service Partner members have the opportunity to learn, share ideas, and network with association publishing professionals. One organization representative serves as the Industry Service Partner Member. Additional organization members are $95 per person.

Fees for Industry Service Partner Members are based on their annual gross revenue:

$0 – $100,000: $395 annually
$100,000 – $750,000: $695 annually
$750,000+: $995 annually

Additional Members: $95 annually

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Have questions about your membership or application? Send us an email or call us at 703-234-4121.


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